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May 21, 2014

Congratulations As You Wrap Up Another Year

MaryAnn Gaver

To all of you who are finished (or almost finished) homeschooling for the year − congratulations! Way to go for homeschooling your kids! Way to go for teaching, managing, coordinating, and nurturing! You've made it through May. 

Some of you may have kids graduating this year. If so, that's wonderful. I hope that you savor every moment of this milestone in your child's life.

Some of you may have just finished that very first year of teaching. Whatever your particular scenario — hats off to you!

Many of you don't follow the typical school pattern of 9-10 months of school with 2-3 months off — I realize that. And that's the neat thing about homeschooling — you can completely tailor the entire year to fit your family's style and needs. 

No matter what, May is a great time of year to reflect on all that your students have learned, and all that you've learned. After all, sometimes we're the ones who learn the most.

I always took the summer off from teaching while we homeschooled. I felt that a less-structured schedule was just what the twins needed to re-charge. But that doesn't mean that the learning stopped whatsoever! In fact, all of us learned so much during those summer months. Whether it was going on a fun field trip, taking one or two music lessons, tending our new garden or simply enjoying dinner together, our whole family benefited from the more relaxed pace. 

And now I encourage you to enjoy the upcoming summer months with your family

Keep teaching!  Stay faithful!



PC: Kelly Sikkema, text by Charity Klicka