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Dec 19, 2012

Christmas Traditions

MaryAnn Gaver

      There's so much for moms to do in December.  In addition to finishing homeschooling, there's baking, shopping, wrapping, tree trimming and decorating. 

       I encourage you not to go it alone!  Let your family help. Let your younger children get involved, too.  It'll be more fun, and you'll be making special traditions and precious memories along the way.

      For instance, even young children can help with baking, whether it's sprinkling sprinkles on the sugar cookies, learning to measure, or simply watching what you do.  I'm a big proponent of having children learn to bake and cook.  Check out my blog, Cookies & Milk at 3:00 to read about the first time I taught baking.   

     I've always decorated the house very simply at Christmas, and loved having the boys help.  Usually, we would finish school early one day, take all the Christmas decorations from the basement, put the Christmas CD's in, and place garland on all the banisters and hearth.     

     Both Jay and I come from families that  picked out and sawed down real trees, so we started the same tradition at our house.  Each year, we seem to pick the coldest day to pick out the illusive 'right' tree, which seems to grow farther away from the parking lot every year!   We walk past rows and rows of stately, spindly and scraggly trees. Some that look like the anemic one on Charlie Brown's Christmas, and some that are so gargantuan that you would definitely need to get either Goliath or the Abominable Snowman to put the star on top.  One year our tree had some sort of cocoon on it. No kidding -- it hatched and wasps came out!  It hasn't always been idyllic, but getting our tree has always been memorable.

     Whatever traditions you already have, or whatever new ones you start this year, get the whole family involved and have fun!