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Jul 20, 2012

Bike Riding, Breezy Air & Beautiful Moments

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi homeschooling moms!

     This is my kind of bike riding -- no hills!  Austin & I are taking a relaxing ride around part of the island.

     I stop.  Reaching quickly into the basket which rests on the handlebars of the bike, I grab the camera & snap the shutter in order to capture this pleasant moment.  I take a deep gulp of invigorating beach air  -- the fresh smell of the ocean -- salt, flowers, cedar & sandalwood....another deep breath, then back to pedalling...   

    The ocean's about one hundred yards to my right, & as I hear the waves, I wonder how many will break onto the seashore today. Each new wave is  slightly different, showing  God's  incredible beauty, reminding me how  He has taken  the semingly  routine  things in my life (such as mothering & teaching), turning them into something meaningful & purposeful.

     Through the eleven years of homeschooling, many times I would  think, "Okay ~ pretty much all I do is teach, clean and cook.  Or cook, clean and teach.  No matter how you mix it, that's basically it  -- a short commute from the kitchen to the school room.  How can God use me here?" 

  Now I realize how God took those seemingly ho-hum, repetitive, mundane things to teach me some wonderful lessons about serving, being a wife and what it really means to be His child.  I learned that God can use ordinary, mundane days for His glory.

    Although the homeschooling years now seem to have been brief, I'm thankful that God has given us (and continues to give us) beautiful moments to enjoy and savor each day and that He loves us & teaches us right where we are... whether it's at the kitchen sink, in the school room or on a bike.

    Keep being a great mom!