House Bill 237: Prohibit Common Core


Last Updated: October 3, 2013
House Bill 237: Prohibit Common Core
Representative Thompson, Representative Becker, Representative Hood, Representative Lynch, Representative Young, Representative Adams, J., Representative Wachtmann, Representative Maag, Representative Boose, Representative Roegner, Representative Beck, Representative Retherford, Representative Perales, Representative Sprague

House Bill 237 prohibits the state of Ohio from adopting the Common Core Standards. The bill would also increase privacy protections of personally identifiable educational information. HB 237 rejects national curriculum standards in favor of state developed standards permitting individual schools and districts to make curriculum decisions for their own students.

HSLDA's Position:

HSLDA opposes the Common Core. Visit HSLDA's Common Core Resource Page to understand why.

Action Requested:

Please contact the members of the House Education Committee, particularly if one of them is your representative, and give them the following messages in your own words:

“I support HB 237 that repeals Common Core Standards. Ohio has spent years preparing its own state curriculum; adopting untested, one-size-fits-all standards and assessments like the PARCC assessments would nullify that progress. Better educational outcomes come when decision making is closest to the student—at the local school board level. HB 237 makes an important step in returning decision-making authority of what and how children learn to parents and elected local school boards. Please vote in favor of HB 237."

The Ohioans for Educational Freedom are tracking responses from committee members. After calling you can log the response you get from the committee member on their website here.

To find out who your representative is, you can visit the Ohio Legislature’s website here.

To make our contacts as efficient as possible please contact the House Education Committee members based on the following:

If your last name begins with A-G please contact:

Representative Gerald Stebelton(Chairman)
(614) 466-6504

Representative Andrew Brenner (Vice Chairman)
(614) 644-6711

Representative Teresa Fedor (Ranking Minority Member)
(614) 644-6017

Representative Nickie J. Antonio
(614) 466-5921

Representative John Becker
(614) 466-8134

Representative Heather Bishoff
(614) 644-6002

If your last name begins with H-O please contact:

Representative Timothy Derickson
(614) 644-5094

Representative Denise Driehaus
(614) 466-5786

Representative Bill Hayes
(614) 466-2500

Representative Michael Henne
(614) 644-8051

Representative Matt Huffman
(614) 466-9624

Representative Stephanie Kunze
(614) 466-8012

If your last name begins with P-Z please contact:

Representative John Patterson
(614) 466-1405

Representative Kristina Roegner
(614) 466-1177

Representative Marilyn Slaby
(614) 644-5085

Representative Ryan Smith
(614) 466-1366

Representative Fred Strahorn
(614) 466-1607

Representative Andy Thompson
(614) 644-8728

7/31/2013 (House) Introduced and Referred to Education Committee

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