House Bill 1117: Early Childhood Development Programs


Last Updated: May 28, 2013
House Bill 1117: Early Childhood Development Programs
Representative Hamner, Representative Ferrandino, Representative Labuda, Representative May, Representative Peniston, Representative Primavera, Representative Singer, Representative Tyler, Representative Young, Senator Hodge, Senator Newell, Senator Aguilar, Senator Heath, Senator Hudak, Senator Johnston, Senator Kefalas, Senator Kerr, Senator Nicholson, Senator Schwartz, Senator Todd, Senator Ulibarri

House Bill 1117 moves the Early Childhood Leadership Commission from the office of the governor to the Department of Human Services. It states that the department has a responsibility to administer early childhood programs.

Bills like this are a potential first step toward lowering the compulsory school attendance age and increasing government involvement in a child's early education. HSLDA opposes expanding compulsory school attendance ages because doing so infringes upon parents’ freedom to make educational decisions for their children. Furthermore, valid research has demonstrated that programs like these are not effective.

HSLDA's Position:

Although there is language that has been added to this bill to recognize the rights of parents, HSLDA opposes the efforts of the state to grow its bureaucracy over children and families like this. We oppose this bill for that reason.

Action Requested:
None at this time

1/18/2013     (House)     Introduced and Referred to House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee
1/29/2013     (House)     House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee refer amended to the House Appropriations Committee.
2/15/2013     (House)     House Appropriations Committee Refers to Committee of the Whole.
2/21/2013     (House)     Passed Second Reading
2/22/2013     (House)     Passed Third Reading
3/1/2013     (Senate)     Introduced and Referred to Health & Human Services Committee
3/13/2013     (Senate)     Passed Health & Human Services Committee and Referred to Appropriations Committee
04/19/2013     (Senate)     Passed Appropriations Committee and Referred to Committee of the Whole
04/26/2013     (Senate)     Passed Second Reading
04/30/2013     (Senate)     Passed Senate on Third Reading
05/1/2013     (House)     House Concurs with Senate Amendments
05/7/2013     (Governor)     Signed by Governor

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