February 22, 2005

House Bill 76: Central Registry of Child Protection Cases

Joint Judiciary Interim Committee

Due to the hard work of Wyoming activists, this bill has been amended to remove its negative portion while retaining its positive aspects.

This bill makes three significant changes to Wyoming law:

  • It improves current law by raising the standard for substantiating child abuse or neglect from "credible evidence" to a "preponderance of the evidence."
  • It fixes a loophole in current law by forcing Wyoming to expunge all reports that are not substantiated from the central registry. Current law allows the State to keep "closed" reports indefinitely, even if they have not been "founded."
  • It makes it a crime to "knowingly and intentionally" make a false report of child abuse.

Prior to January 17, 2005, this bill also contained a negative provision, which would have made it a crime for any person to knowingly fail to report child abuse. This provision has been removed.


01/11/2005(H) Introduced and referred to House Judiciary Committee
01/17/2005(H) Amendments adopted
01/17/2005(H) Passed committee of the whole
01/18/2005(H) Passed 2nd reading
01/19/2005(H) Passed 3rd reading
01/21/2005(S) Received for introduction
01/27/2005(S) Introduced and referred to Senate Judiciary
02/07/2005Senate Judiciary recommended do pass
02/10/2005(S) Passed 2nd reading
02/11/2005(S) Passed 3rd reading
02/11/2005Assigned Number HEA0010
02/14/2005(H) Speaker signed HEA Number 0010
02/17/2005Governor signed - Chapter 23 effective 07/01/05

Action Requested:
This bill has passed both houses and been signed by the governor!

HSLDA's Position:
Support. This bill makes three positive changes to Wyoming law. Prior to January 17, 2005, HSLDA opposed one provision of this bill, but that has now been amended to meet our concerns.

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