June 22, 2007

House Bill 1844: Requires Public Schools to Offer Homeschoolers Tests

Rep. Charlie Howard

An important bill, H.B. 1844, has been introduced by Representative Charlie Howard. This bill require public school districts to public the dates of testing for the PSAT to homeschoolers and allow homeschoolers to take AP tests.

Tuesday, March 27, the Texas House of Representatives Public Education committee heard H.B. 1844 by Representative Charlie Howard. At the hearing a homeschool parent testified about her experience of being told by her school district that homeschool students were not allowed to take the tests at their school. The committee had a positive response, and one member even questioned a neutral witness representing Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) as to her comment of charging home school students more than public school students. She clearly saw the issue as discrimination.


4/19/2007(House) Passed the House, 137-0
4/4/2007(House) Reported favorably as substituted
4/4/2007(House) Committee substitute considered in committee
4/4/2007(House) Considered in formal meeting
3/27/2007(House) Left pending in committee
3/27/2007(House) Testimony taken in committee
3/27/2007(House) Committee substitute considered in committee
3/27/2007(House) Considered in public hearing
3/27/2007(House) Scheduled for public hearing on . . . .
2/27/2007(House) Referred to Public Education
2/27/2007(House) Read first time
2/22/2007(House) Filed
4/23/2007(Senate) Received in the Senate
4/26/2007(Senate) Referred to Education
5/8/2007(Senate) Reported favorably without amendments
5/17/2007(Senate) Passed the Senate 31-1
6/15/2007Signed by the Governor, effective immediately

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA is for this bill.

Action Requested:
None requested at this time.

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