South Dakota
South Dakota

February 21, 2003

House Bill 1068: Universal Access to Interscholastic Activities

Representative Matt McCaulley (R), District 10

House Bill 1068 would permit homeschools and unaccredited private schools to participate in interscholastic sports sponsored by the South Dakota High School Activities Association. This bill has two sections, one of which is urgently needed. Section one of the bill authorizes public and private accredited schools to join a sports league or other interscholastic association that includes homeschoolers. The South Dakota High School Activities Association, which currently serves public and accredited private schools across the state, does not allow participation by students receiving alternative education.

House Bill 1068 was first read in House on January 23, 2003 and referred to House Education H.J. 114. At a hearing on January 28, 2003, the House Education Committee amended it to keep public school students who become ineligible for sports from dropping out of public school and switching to public school in order to again be eligible. On February 13, 2003, the Senate Education Committee amended HB 1068 and passed it 4-3. It passed the Senate floor 22-10 on February 18, and was passed by the House on February 20 with a vote of 53-14. The House Speaker signed it on that day.

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HSLDA's Position:
Neutral. While HSLDA does not take a position for or against homeschoolers participating in public school sports, we do oppose discrimination against homeschoolers. This bill would end South Dakota's current discriminatory policy.

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