South Carolina
South Carolina

June 15, 2006

Senate Bill 949: Amending the Homeschool Laws of South Carolina

Senator Bryant


This bill would have changed the homeschool law so that instruction would not be limited to parents or guardians and instruction could take place in locations other than the home.

One of the provisions of proposed Section 59-65-35 states that the instruction may take place “at any other suitable location, provided that all of the children assembled at that location are participants in an approved home school program.” This could have been better stated to refer to “school-aged children” instead of “all of the children assembled at that location&rdquuo; because children outside of the compulsory attendance age may be present with parents. The presence of these other children should not prevent instruction from taking place at this location. Also, the word “approved&rdquuo; should have been deleted to avoid the possible interpretation that a homeschooling program under SCAIHS or a homeschool association must be approved by the local school district. Instead, this clause should have been changed to read “participants in a homeschool program in accordance with Section 59-65-40, Section 59-65-45, or Section 59-65-47.”


11/29/2005Senate pre-filed and referred to Committee on Education
1/10/2006Introduced, first reading, referred to Committee on Education
6/15/2006 Bill died when the Legislature adjourned.

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA would have supported this bill had some changes been made.

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