South Carolina
South Carolina

June 16, 2004

House Bill 4564: GED Required for Driver's License

Representative Lanny Littlejohn (R-District 33)

This is a driver's license bill which would have expanded the types of licenses requiring school attendance as a condition of issuance of the license. Though poorly drafted, it appeared that all students in a public, private, or home school would need to be making satisfactory progress toward a GED in order to be eligible for a driver's license. Since no student enrolled in any of these schools is in a GED program, it appeared that no one could meet this requirement. A student in a curriculum leading to a high school diploma would not have been eligible for a driver's license. This was a companion bill to Senate Bill 796.

Even worse, all students, including those in home schools, would need to be making "satisfactory progress" in the GED program before a license could be issued. Documentation of enrollment and progress would have been submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles on a state-approved form. The "appropriate school official" would have provided the completed form to the applicant. Presumably, this would have been the parent in the case of a home school.


01/20/2004Introduced and placed in the House Committee on Education and Public Works.
06/03/2004This bill died when the Legislature adjourned

Action Requested:
None at this time

HSLDA's Position:
This bill should be opposed.

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