October 3, 2003

HB 3586: Religious Freedom Bill

Representative HUNT, Senators SHIELDS, B STARR; Representatives BARNHART, MABREY, RICHARDSON, VERGER, Senator ATKINSON

This is a religious freedom bill which would have confirmed that free exercise of religion is a fundamental right to which the compelling state interest test must be applied when a person's religious freedom is burdened by state action.

Oregon home schoolers now have an opportunity to win a solid legislative victory for religious freedom. The success or failure of this effort to protect one of our most precious freedoms may be determined by your willingness to call. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is expected to pass the Judiciary Committee in the House soon, so your calls are needed to your own representative. Governor Kulongoski has met with Senator Bruce Starr and other supporters of the RFRA and he has told them that he will veto the bill. The supporters of the bill, however, think that they will be able to override the governor's veto.

Since the Oregon Legislature has closed for this session, this bill is now dead.

Requested Action:
Call your House representative and given them the following message in your own words:

"Support religious freedom for Oregon citizens! Vote 'Yes' on House Bill 3586, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act."

You can find your state representative and his phone number by using HSLDA's Legislative Toolbox at http://www.hslda.org/toolbox, or by calling the Oregon Legislative Liaison at 503-986-1000.

HSLDA's Position:
This bill was supported.

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