March 20, 2006

Senate Bill 1792: Math Proficiency as a Requirement for Attaining a Driver's License

Senator Paddack

Oklahoma law currently requires that people applying for a driver's license or permit and who are under 18 attend school and show proficiency in reading. This bill would also require that a proficiency in mathematics be proven.

Reasons to Oppose Senate Bill 1792:

1. Teens who have proved they can drive safely should not be denied a license just because they cannot pass a math test. Math ability has nothing to do with driving ability.

2. If homeschoolers were to take the statewide criterion referenced test, they would be at a major disadvantage because it is based on the state curriculum, which homeschoolers do not use.

3. Homeschoolers would have no control over what alternative tests the Department of Education might approve. This would put them at a significant disadvantage.

4. A driver's license is an important gateway to meet basic transportation needs for those who have demonstrated they can drive safely. It must not be trivialized into a reward for good behavior for students who have jumped though enough hoops.


01/21/2006Senate: Prefiled
2/6/2006First Reading in Senate
2/7/2006Second Reading in Senate
2/8/2006Referred to Senate Education Committee
2/20/2006Education Committee Hearing
3/6/2006Floor vote Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 32 Nays: 15
3/7/2006First Reading in House
3/16/2006Second Reading in House, referred to Common Education Committee

HSLDA's Position:

Action Requested:
None requested at this time.

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