New Hampshire
New Hampshire

November 24, 2008

House Bill 1161: Changes in Truancy Definition

Representatives Nancy Stiles (R), Judith Reever (D), Carolyn Gargasz (R), and Judith Day (D), and Senator Robert Clegg, Jr. (R)

As introduced, House Bill 1161 reduced the number of unexcused absences necessary to constitute truancy—from 20 to 10 half days. It also changed the ages of children who are subject to the truancy statutes—from 8 to 6 years. As amended, H.B. 1161 establishes a committee to study truancy laws and other related statutes.


1/2/2008(House) Introduced and Referred to Education Committee
1/15/2008(House) Public Hearing 10 a.m., LOB 207
2/5/2008(House) Subcommittee Work Session, 3 p.m., LOB 207
2/12/2008(House) Subcommittee Work Session, 2:30 p.m., LOB 207
2/19/2008(House) Executive Session, 10 a.m., LOB 207
2/20/2008(House) Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment for March 5
3/5/2008(House) Amendment Adopted, Voice Vote
3/5/2008(House) Ought to Pass with Amendment: Motion Adopted Voice Vote
3/13/2008(Senate) Introduced and Referred to Education Committee
4/29/2008(Senate) Hearing on May 13th, 2008, Room103, State House, 8:45 a.m.
5/13/2008(Senate) Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment
5/15/2008(Senate) Committee Amendment, Amendment Adopted, Voice Vote
5/15/2008(Senate) Ought to Pass with Amendment, Motion Adopted, Voice Vote; Ordered to Third Reading
5/15/2008(Senate) Passed by Third Reading Resolution
5/21/2008(House) House Concurs with Senate Amendment: Motion Adopted Voice Vote
6/4/2008(House) Enrolled
6/5/2008(Senate) Enrolled
6/30/2008Signed by Governor

HSLDA's Position:
Neutral on the amended version.

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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