May 2, 2005

Senate Bill 291: An Act To Increase Homeschool Regulation

Senator D. Ryan

This bill would have made the following changes in Montana's homeschool law:

  1. Change the definition of "homeschool" to exclude stepparents and legal guardians from being able to teach a child at home;

  2. Require parents to register their children with the local school district instead of notifying the county superintendent of the child's enrollment in a homeschool;

  3. Require that parents be (a) licensed to teach in Montana, (b) hold a bachelor's degree, or (c) have a high school diploma or GED and be monitored by a state-certified teacher for two years;

  4. Require the monitor to evaluate and report the child's academic progress to the school district twice a year;

  5. Require homeschool students in grades 4,8, and 11 to take the same "nationally standardized examination" required of public school students;

  6. Require that students scoring below the 30th percentile on the test be evaluated for special education services; and

  7. Prohibit the homeschooling of children determined to have a developmental disability, such as autism and Down's syndrome.

This was one of the worst homeschool bills we have encountered.


01/25/2005Introduced and referred to Education and Cultural Resources
02/14/2005Hearing Scheduled in Senate Select Committee on Education
02/14/2005Tabled after Senate Select Committee on Education Hearing
3/1/2005Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal

HSLDA's Position:
This bill should be opposed.

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