March 23, 2006

House Bill 1130: An Act Creating Virtual Charter Schools

Representative Brown


This bill would create the Mississippi Virtual Public School Program whereby students would be enrolled in public school but would receive instruction at home or other location via the Internet. Each student would be provided with a computer, printer, and Internet connection by the virtual school.

This bill does not directly affect homeschooling families, but, if passed, it would directly affect all tax-paying citizens of Mississippi. School districts sponsoring virtual schools would receive full funding for each student as though the student were actually attending the public school. This would create a financial windfall for school districts who would not have to provide transportation, classroom space, or teachers for these students but would receive money intended for these purposes anyway. For students enrolled in virtual schools sponsored by the State Board of Education instead of local school districts, the State Department of Education would receive the funds. This bill should be opposed.


1/16/2006 Introduced and referred to the Colleges and Universities and Education Committee
1/30/2006 "Do Pass" recommendation to Committee Substitute
2/9/2006 Committee Substitute Adopted, amended, and passed as amended
2/10/2006Transmitted to Senate
2/14/2006Referred to Education's Universities and Colleges Committee
2/28/2006 "Do Pass"
3/1/2006 Passed
3/2/2006 Transmitted to House
3/6/2006 Enrolled Bill signed in the House
3/7/2006Enrolled Bill signed in the Senate
3/7/2006Approved by Governor

Action Requested:
None at this time.

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA opposes this legislation.

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