May 21, 2008

House Bill 1319: Tax Credit for Employing High School Students

Rep. Michael R. Brown

This bill authorizes a tax credit for employers who hire qualified high school students for summer jobs. Homeschoolers may be included as “qualified” students, but only if they register as homeschoolers, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and qualify for a free or reduced price school lunch under the NSLA. Additionally, this bill would require DESE to establish a procedure for determining the eligibility of students, as well as tracking students for which employers receive tax credits.

By requiring some homeschoolers to register, as well as implementing policies to track and evaluate students, this bill creates unacceptable avenues of intrusion into the lives of homeschoolers.


1/10/2008 (House) Read Second Time
1/24/2008 (House) H 109 Referred: Special Committee on Job Creation — Eco Dev
3/5/2008 (House) Public Hearing Completed
3/5/2008 (House) Executive Session Completed
3/5/2008 (House) Executive Session Completed
3/5/2008 (House) Voted Do Pass
3/11/2008 (House) H 462 Reported Do Pass
3/11/2008 (House) H 462 Referred: Rules Pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f)
3/12/2008 (House) Rules—Executive Session Completed
3/12/2008 (House) Rules—Voted Do Pass
3/12/2008 (House) H 481 Rules—Reported Do Pass
4/1/2008 (House) H 638 Perfected
4/2/2008 (House) H 669 Referred: Fiscal Review
4/9/2008 (House) Public Hearing Completed
4/9/2008 (House) Executive Session Completed
4/9/2008 (House) Voted Do Pass
4/9/2008 (House) H 859 Reported Do Pass
4/10/2008 (House) H 870-871 Third Read and Passed; Ayes: 139; Noes 6
4/10/2008 (Senate) S 782 Reported to the Senate and First Read
4/16/2008 (Senate) S 820 Second Read/Referred: Ways and Means

This bill failed to pass out of the Senate, and is now dead.

Action Requested:
No action is requested at this time.

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