May 16, 2008

Senate File 3001: Quarterly Report and Compulsory School Attendance Age Changes

Senators Charles Wiger, David Hann, Sandy Rummel, Sharon Erickson Ropes, and Kathy Saltzman

Senate File 3001 removes the requirement that non-credentialed parent instructors submit quarterly report cards to the local superintendent. It instead requires these parents to keep quarterly report cards on file with other documentation.

S.F. 3001 also changes the compulsory school attendance age to “seven or enrollment in first grade and 18 years of age,” unless the student has graduated from high school. Despite this change, the bill explicitly exempts homeschooling parents from the requirement to submit a compulsory instruction report for students ages 16 and over.


2/21/2008(Senate) Introduction
2/21/2008(Senate) Referred to Education Committee
3/13/2008(Senate) Committee Report: To pass as amended and re-refer to State and Local Government Operations and Oversight Committee
3/17/2008(Senate) Committee Report: To pass as amended and re-refer to Finance Committee
4/14/2008(Senate) Committee Report: To pass as amended
4/14/2008(Senate) Second Reading
4/17/2008(Senate) Passed Third Reading
4/17/2008(House) Received from Senate
4/17/2008(House) First Reading, Referred for comparison with H.F. 3316
4/21/2008(House) Second Reading
4/28/2008(House) Amended
4/28/2008(House) Passed Third Reading as amended
4/28/2008(Senate) Returned from House with amendment
4/28/2008(Senate) Senate did not concur, Conference committee of 5 requested
4/28/2008(Senate) Senate Conferees: Wiger; Saltzman; Olson, G.; Hahle; Rummel
4/30/2008(Senate) House Conferees: Mariani; Brynaert; Ward; Slocum; Urdahl
5/7/2008(Senate) Conference Committee Report
5/7/2008(Senate) Senate adopted Conference Committee report and re-passed bill
5/8/2008(Senate) House adopted Senate adopted Senate Conference Committee report and re-passed bill
5/9/2008 Presentment Date
5/13/2008 Governor vetoed bill

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None at this time.

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