May 13, 2009

Senate Bill 1052: Grandparent Visitation Rights

Senator Arthenia L. Joyner

Authorizes the grandparent to petition the court for visits with a minor grandchild if the parents refuse to allow the grandparents to visit.


1/29/2009(Senate) Filed
2/5/2009(Senate) Referred to Children Families and Elder Affairs; Judiciary; Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations
3/3/2009(Senate) Introduced, referred to Children, Families, and Elder Affairs; Judiciary; Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations
3/6/2009(Senate) On Committee Agenda—Children, Families, and Elder Affairs for 3/11/09 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 401-S
3/11/2009(Senate) Committee substitute by Children, Families, and Elder Affairs; Yeas: 8, Nays: 0
3/12/2009(Senate) Pending reference review under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)
3/17/2009(Senate) Now in Judiciary
4/8/2009(Senate) On Committee agenda—Judiciary, 4/15/09, 3 p.m., 110-S
4/15/2009(Senate) CS/CS by Judiciary; Yes 9, Nays 0
4/21/2009(Senate) Now in Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations—S.J. 413
5/2/2009Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration

HSLDA’s Position:
HSLDA is opposed to this bill.

Action Requested:
None requested at this time.

Over the years, HSLDA has represented member families in conflict with grandparents who did not like homeschooling. These grandparents would try to stop the homeschooling through various means including turning the family over to the child welfare services. Thankfully, most grandparents we come in contact with at HSLDA support home schooling and in some situations even participate in the teaching.

However, S.B. 1052 would give grandparents and great-grandparents the right to sue parents for visitation rights. Of course, if a grandparent brings such a suit under this act, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child and order family mediation and a psychological evaluation of the child. Parental rights would be ignored.

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