May 17, 2007

House Bill 799: Expansion of Virtual Schools

Representative Will W. Weatherford

This bill would remove the requirement that to enroll in a virtual school the student must have attended a public school the previous year.

Homeschool leaders and HSLDA are concerned about the virtual school laws being passed around the country. Every time a public virtual school program starts, private homeschoolers leave homeschooling to join these programs.

Much freedom is lost as the homeschool movement slowly becomes secularized. If your children are enrolled in one of these virtual schools, the following occurs: (1) they become public school students; (2) your homeschool must use a secular public school curriculum; (3) you must be supervised by a certified teacher from the public school; (4) your children must be tested with the state assessment; and (5) your house is open to home visits by school officials and possibly social workers.

These programs pose a danger, particularly because early statistics show that 80% of those who first enroll in a virtual school were previously homeschoolers.


2/13/2007(House) Filed
2/14/2007(House) Referred to Schools & Learning Council
2/14/2007(House) Referred to Policy & Budget Council
2/14/2007(House) Referred to Schools & Learning Council
3/6/2007(House) Introduced, referred to Schools & Learning Council; Policy & Budget Council
3/7/2007(House) Referred to Education Innovation & Career Preparation (SL) by Schools & Learning Council
3/13/2007(House) On Committee agenda,Education Innovation & Career Preparation (SL), 9 a.m., 116-K
3/20/2007(House) Referred to Schools and Learning
4/10/2007(House) Schools and Learning reported favorably
4/16/2007(House) Referred to Policy and Budget Council
5/4/2007(House) Died in Policy and Budget Council

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA is opposed to this bill.

Action Requested:
None requested at this time.

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