May 12, 2005

Senate Bill 87: Expansion of Immunization Tracking System

Senator Brandon Shaffer

This bill, along with its companion, House Bill 1161, will make the existing Immunization Tracking System (ITS) in Colorado more comprehensive and intrusive than ever before.

This tracking system will aggressively monitor the vaccinations for every child in Colorado. Although the current immunization tracking system was established several years ago personal information was kept strictly confidential. Parents also had the opportunity to "opt out" from the system.

Unfortunately, S.B. 87 reverses this law and requires parents to be contacted when their child is due or overdue for any mandated vaccination. The ITS, when fully implemented, will be a permanent tracking system of all children and their parents in Colorado. On a party line vote in the House committee an amendment was defeated that would have allowed parents to have all information about themselves and their children completely removed from the database.

Although this bill has passed the Senate and the House committee on Health and Human Services, the amendment to protect privacy could still be added on the House floor today.


02/22/2005Passed Senate
02/23/2005Introduced in House, Assigned to Health and Human Services Committee
03/23/2005Passed as amended out of committee
03/28/2005House Second Reading laid over
04/29/2005Signed by the governor

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA is opposed to this bill.

Action Requested:
None at this time

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