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A Line in the Sand
HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris speaks out against ideologies in the homeschooling community that have resulted in harm to families.

Your Phone Calls Did It! Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Ending Common Core!
Concerned parents responding to HSLDA’s national email alert helped persuade Oklahoma’s governor to reject the Common Core standards in her state.

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HSLDA Defeats Demand for Involuntary Educational Evaluations

Attorney General Agrees with HSLDA on Right to Take Public School Classes

Homeschool Termination Threat Remains

Why Justice Scalia is Wrong about Parental Rights

HSLDA Statement on ESEA Moving Toward Reauthorization in Congress

School Drops Request for Homeschool Student Names

Sheriff Reaches Settlement with Family over Tasering

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Home School Heartbeat
Equal Rights for Homeschoolers: An Interview with HSLDA Attorneys
Did you know that a fashion design student almost lost her scholarship—because she was homeschooled? This week on Homeschool Heartbeat, HSLDA’s attorneys talk about this new discrimination—and what we can do about it.
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November 20: Upper Michigans
Life Outside of Homeschool

November 13: Santa Rosa Press Gazette, Santa Rosa, Florida
Attorney Says Three Homeschool Families Told to End Program

November 13: Newsplex, Charlottesville, Virginia
Homeschooling: A Growing Trend in Education

November 13: KLKN-TV Channel 8, Lincoln, Nebraska
Homeschooling Spikes 60 Percent over Ten Years

November 4: WTVG-TV Channel 13, Toledo, Ohio
Local Homeschool Co-op is Hoping to Expand

November 2: Associated Press
Two Degrees, Flies Planes, Author, Works at NASA. His Age? 17

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Parents to school board: Follow the law!


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Home Schooling Expands Around the Globe
Families in nations around the world look at our home schooling freedoms in awe. Many are willing to sacrifice and pay any price for similar opportunities.

 Top Cases


Judge Rules Social Worker Fear Tactics Unconstitutional
A federal court in Arizona has ruled that an unsupported threat to place children in custody, made to coerce cooperation with a social services investigation, violates the constitutional guarantee of family privacy and integrity.


Eighth Circuit Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Homeschoolers
A federal appeals court ruled unanimously in favor of HSLDA members Ron and Joann Fitzgerald on Wednesday and held that school districts may not force homeschooled children to submit to special—needs evaluations against their parents' wishes.


Combs, et al, v. Homer—Center School District, et al
Families claim religious exemption from home education law


In the Appeal of George R. Theiss
HSLDA successful in getting veteran’s benefits reinstated.

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Charter Schools

Colleges and Universities


Parental Rights


Religious Freedom


U.S. Military

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 January 2016 

23, 2016 : Richmond, VA
High School Symposium with Home Educators at Grove

 April 2016 

1-2, 2016 : Lincoln, NE
Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association (NCHEA) Conference